Shaolin Fez Bio
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HONG KONG. In early 2010, Samuel Ferrer, a classically-trained musician working for the Philharmonic Orchestra, brushed off some old notes from his undergraduate days studying jazz in Los Angeles in order to arrange a couple of original melodies that had been following him for years. As the arrangements became more elaborate and in need of strings and brass, he recruited colleagues from the Philharmonic to help create a demo. Ferrer was intending to shop the songs around to local celebrities and producers, but was still in need of someone to sing them. After coming across an interview featuring local jazz phenom, Jennifer Palor, and then hearing her online, he sent her an unsolicited email with a link to an instrument-only demo of his music to see if she might be interested in providing the voice. Palor replied within hours and they arranged to complete it. The artistic bond was immediate, and the results so convincing to them that they decided to produce their own album. The songs were never shopped around. Instead, Ferrer set out to write more material, and 22 musicians later (as well as a children’s choir), the album “Calm Your Storm” was released in 2012, a recording mixed by one of Hollywood’s top engineers. SHAOLIN FEZ is an ambitious independent project launched at the same time as the CD release, intended to present live original music as well as highly creative arrangements of popular songs. Featuring large instrumentation, it is grounded in the combination of classical, jazz, and rock musicians, and subsequently presents music in many diverse styles with the aim of propelling artistic innovation in Hong Kong, just as can be found in other major cities of the world.

“Calm Your Storm” CD Players
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Jennifer Palor vocals
Samuel Ferrer electric and acoustic bass
Shaun Tilburg drums and percussion
Andy Abad nylon, steel-string guitars
Orlando Bonzi electric, steel-string guitars
Chris Collins electric guitars
Vance Lee piano and bassoon
Roel Garcia jazz piano
Margie Tong congas and bongos
Yingna Zhao violin
Anders Hui violin
Yanice Tsang violin
Miyaka Suzuki violin
William Lane viola
Richard Bamping cello
Brian Chan flute
Russell Bonifede horn
Marc Gelfo horn
Yuko Niitsuma trombone
Rob Collinson bass trombone
Chris Moyse trumpet
Thomas Weißschnur clarinets