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I walk alone,
Skipping your words across a lake.
Who’ll make this choice?
As the ripples reflect your face.
So scale your cliff,
Dive in the sea or cross the globe.
When you return,
You still blankly stare out the window.

You wait for
And the sun and the moon to mate.
What is good?
(Can’t you see?)
It’s no question for a sage.
So don’t look left
And don’t peek right,
One more time I can’t abide.

Our happiness
Needs oracles read by the wise?
It should be free,
Not some unattainable prize.
This game’s not right:
Gold’s not more precious when it’s new.
Don’t fake a fight,
I can see through an act so shrewd.

(written by Samuel Ferrer)

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Rising tides roll in,
A rush of colder air,
Reoccurring signs I watch
Sideways sheets of rain
Push me back again,
Standing ankle deep in your

Time to calm your storm
and wind-blown doubts.
I can’t ride such waves,
Let these tides die out.

Trees may need their drink,
A sail may need its pull,
So justify your need to
A heart once swelled with love
Now throbs upon your brow,
Coils of anger beat your

Your love seemed
So eternal,
Just like me
To fool myself.
How could I waste
All this time,
Hoping you’d change
to someone else.

Chariots of clouds
Your  whips crack bright
The tempest replays
Noon now dark as night.

(Up and down
The boat is tossed,
I hold fast
At any cost.
As I steer
You sit and brood,
Tacking through
Your change of moods)

(written by Samuel Ferrer)


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A young man leaves his father and his home
In hopes to find his own philosophy.
He abandons all things he has known
To reconcile an inner harmony.
He stops among monks whose prayers sound like moans
And listens to words from a Holy One,
Knowing he is more than flesh and bone,
The common life he knew before now shunned.

Rest at the river
Listen well and stare,
Let it teach you
How to hear.
The river sings
And its children call to you,
Its song is
Heard by the few.

The sound of water stills him in the woods,
The voice of nature stops the need to roam.
Floating words sink and make sound fluid,
The river’s song now chills him to the bone.

A-u-m is the bow
Arrow, the soul.
Your heart a pearl
Your soul, the world.

(written by Samuel Ferrer)

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Cherry blossoms from your life
Hang overhead,
Each memory as precious as the
Day we wed.

Time does not gray,
Each day recalls you.
Even now the blossoms
Keep their hue.

And through the years we lived as one,
A life well-lived.
But cherry trees in full blossom
Leave none to give.

Child of heaven, child of earth
Child of fire and stone,
The love we lived
Was light borrowed,
Before we’re called back home.
Child of heaven, child of earth
The tree may count the vows,
I promised you my love as long as
Memory allows.

I miss you when the east turns blue
And when red takes the west,
So help me God I’ll love you ‘til this
Body’s put to rest.

Child of heaven, child of earth
The tree may count the vows
I promised you my love as long as
Memory allows.
I miss you when the east turns blue
And when red takes the west
So help me God I’ll love you ‘til this
Body’s put to rest.

(written by Samuel Ferrer)


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Ooooooo …..
Ahhhhhh …..
Ooooooo …..

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Time, it beats and ticks and moves ahead
Slips through my hands, it falls instead
And I awake in yesterday.
Still, your scent and sound is at my side
As I toss throughout the whole night
So near is the absence of you.

Past, the past is now my closest friend
That makes you still my own.
The memories comfort and amend
Don’t let them turn to stone.
For now you are but a thought
Your hand still in mine
I pull back on earth’s old spin
Won’t give into time.

Sun, the trees and hills pull on the sun
Lakes turn to gold before it’s gone
In spite of night you will remain.
Heart, my heart beats time from our paired lives
Each bridge recalled I take in stride
And cross to wild fields we knew.

(written by Samuel Ferrer)

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You have led me to this cottage
Its walls of gingerbread
For too many times I followed
Each time was misled.
I was sure of what I wanted
So I told myself
How could I resist
Confectionary spells?
(But who could have seen that far?)

For you it is like a sale
The flavors of love
Words coated with spice and sugar
Each one not enough.
Still the trees of lemon drops and
Trails of pastry crumbs
Bring me back again
Logic comes undone
(But who could have seen that far?)

Buttresses of licorice
Bricks made out of cake
A cathedral of broken promises
A love that we had faked.
Through the pine trees I spy
A cottage like a dream
Candy-canes on the doors
Roof of chocolate cream.

A body is more than a sweet-tooth
A heart more than it’s beat
Take me to a different place where
I can be complete
All the hopes I had for us are
Now just dreams bereaved
This has grown old
I want to leave.

(written by Samuel Ferrer)

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(Soft, soften your gaze
And soften your heart)
And breathe the groove in deep,
Then breathe it out slower.
A candle flame wavers,
You melt to nowhere
So breathe the groove in deep,
And let its beat fill you,
And don’t regret when it’s gone.

(Your smile makes flowers lean
Your light like nectar, so you seem)
So earth rolls under
With ribbons of river,
A wind blows stronger
And bamboo shivers.
The dimpled water
Underneath thunder,
Each moment a child’s wonder.

Plant a bass in the earth,
Watch the root grow a chord.
Give the tune to a dove,
Let it fly to the Lord.
Move the earth with your horn,
Stars in the sky now strewn.
Solar winds halt their course,
The dots I connect shine you.

(Your smile
Makes these flowers lean
Your light
Like nectar so you seem)

(Silver fish, shiny as blades
Spears of light pierce treetops’ shade
Or dimpled water
Under skies of thunder:
So I look upon you with a child’s first wonder)

(written by Samuel Ferrer)

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Arise son, keep warm
Snow might fall, let’s move on.
Even air here
Cannot be breathed for too long.
Your father rides on
Eagles wings and monk’s prayers,
Where sea gods are peaceful
And earth doesn’t shake from nightmares.

He’ll lead birds back
With white clouds that graze on blue.
They’ll fly through rainbows
And fruit will hang like jewels.

Our new home lies under
Amber sun, pastel skies.
Where doggies are plenty
And children play with sunshine.

He’ll be in rainbows,
Jade hills, gold fields.
Don’t fear cold nights,
He lives In starlight.

(written by Samuel Ferrer)