The Shaolin Fez Story
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“Despite the large membership and their superb musicianship, theirs is not just a full-on acid jazz symphonic cinematic disco wall of sound but also a music of pauses and dymanic contrasts,” – South China Morning Post Review of Shaolin Fez at Clockenflap’s mainstage, 2015.

HONG KONG. SHAOLIN FEZ is the eclectic, multi-genre mashup that results when classical musicians team up with jazz players and start rearranging popular tunes in addition to creating their own. SF has released two recordings to date: “Calm Your Storm” (2012) and the crowdfunded, 5-song EP, “This Is Now Our Home” (2019). Thanks to its crowdfunding supporters, the band is pledging 100% of their proceeds from “This Is Now Our Home” towards refugee relief in war-stricken Yemen. Both recordings can be found on iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc..

SHAOLIN FEZ functions as a collective, providing a mini-orchestra platform to feature the best of diva singing in Hong Kong, a metropolis where most of the greatest singers have little to no access beyond their jazz combos. So far it has featured Jennifer Palor, Gretchell Yaneza, Angelita Li, Ginger Kwan, Sybil Thomas, Tess Collins, and the celebrity-twin duo of Macau, “Soler” in live performances. Both studio recordings feature Jennifer Palor. They have appeared at Hong Kong’s biggest rock festivals, such as Clockenflap (where they were re-invited to perform on the main stage), the Wine & Dine Festival (where they were invited to launch the festival at a special VIP event), Picnic in the Park/The Big Picnic, FreeSpace, and many others. Crossing over into jazz, they have also been presented in City Hall by the HK Summer Jazz Festival 2014 (the only artists to be given an entire night’s program to themselves that year), the HK International Jazz Festival 2019, and the “Jazz +” Series at the Fringe. They have also been featured in concert on RTHK’s televised “Music Beyond Borders” special as well as on TVB Jade. SF has a collection of professional music videos that can be on Youtube.

SHAOLIN FEZ was created by Samuel Ferrer, a classically-trained double bassist working for the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, who decided in 2010 to brush off some old notes from his undergraduate days studying jazz in Los Angeles. As the arrangements became more elaborate and in need of strings and brass, he recruited colleagues from his orchestra to help create a demo. Eventually, Ferrer set out to write more material, and 22 musicians later (as well as a children’s choir), the album “Calm Your Storm” was released in 2012, a recording mixed by one of Hollywood’s top engineers. SHAOLIN FEZ launched itself at the same time as the CD release. For up-to-date activity and images, please follow SF on or Instagram or Twitter (handle: “shaolinfez”).

“This Is Now Our Home”, EP Credits
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Jennifer Palor vocals
Jerald Vickers backup vocals
Samuel Ferrer electric and double bass
Vincent Lau electric & acoustic guitars
Orlando Bonzi electric guitar (track 3)
Adriel Bote piano and keyboards
Floro Sernande percussion & flute
Tobe Kushiator drums (tracks 2&3)
Almond Yeung drums (tracks 1&4)
Nate Wong drums (track 5)
Yingna Zhao violin
Anders Hui violin (solo, track 4)
Domas Juskys violin
John Henry Kruer violin
William Lane viola
Guo Yuwen viola
Tae-mi Song cello
Russell Bonifede horn
Tim Summers horn
Ben Pelletier trombone
Chris Moyse trumpet
John Ralph Campo jazz trumpet (track 1)
Lorenzo Iosco bass clarinet, clarinet, soprano sax
Nazar Tabachyshyn accordion
S. Ferrer, W. Lane, N. Tabachyshyn, & Mas Lo handclaps
Ulf Olofsson mixing engineer
Hans DeKline mastering engineer
Samuel Ferrer producer
Y.S. Liu & Karen Chan crowdfunding executive producers
Samuel Ferrer music, lyrics, & arrangements
V. Lau, O. Bonzi, A. Yeung, T. Kushiator, N. Wong, A. Bote, & Floro Sernande additional guitar, drum, piano/keys, and percussion arrangements
Recorded in Hong Kong at GIG, Avon, Q2, Zoo, & City University studios.
Additional tracking by V. Lau, O. Bonzi, A. Bote, & Marcus Ho.
Special Thanks to Jessica Bruser, Nicholas Sallnow-Smith, Christopher Erbach, Dr. Lilian Leoung, Stefan White, Robert-Ellis Geiger, Jean-Luc Karlin, and all others who helped support this project.

“Calm Your Storm”, LP Credits
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Jennifer Palor vocals
Samuel Ferrer electric and acoustic bass
Shaun Tilburg drums and percussion
Andy Abad nylon, steel-string guitars
Orlando Bonzi electric, steel-string guitars
Chris Collins electric guitars
Vance Lee piano and bassoon
Roel Garcia jazz piano
Margie Tong congas and bongos
Yingna Zhao violin
Anders Hui violin
Yanice Tsang violin
Miyaka Suzuki violin
William Lane viola
Richard Bamping cello
Brian Chan flute
Russell Bonifede horn
Marc Gelfo horn
Yuko Niitsuma trombone
Rob Collinson bass trombone
Chris Moyse trumpet
Thomas Weißschnur clarinets
Casey Stone mixing & mastering engineer